Staniot 4G HD Security Alarm System 433Mhz WiFi Burglar Tuya Smart Life App Control OTA Online Upgrade H501-HD 4G Wireless Home Support

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Staniot 4G HD Security Alarm System 433Mhz WiFi Burglar Tuya Smart Life App Control OTA Online Upgrade H501-HD 4G Wireless Home Support
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Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
브랜드 이름: staniot
Model Number: H501-HD 4G
Network: wifi, GSM, 4G
Product name: Staniot H501 WiFi HD 4G Security Alarm System
Color: Black
Support 01: User inputs Scramble PIN code
Support 02: Alaxa and Google Assistant Voice Control
Support 03: Connect 100 Accessoies
Support 04: Tuya and Smart Life App Remote Control
Support 05: IOS and Androld Control
Support 06: 10 Languages
Support 07: 1 Year Warranty
기본 정보
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
브랜드 이름: staniot
Model Number: H501-HD 4G
결제 및 배송 조건
Packaging Details: Color box packing inside and paper carton outside
제품 설명
Product Description

1. 4.3-inch Capacitive Touch Screen 2. 12mm Ultra-thin Body 3. New Xsense UI Interface
4. Support OTA Online Upgrade 5. 600MHZ High-Speed Chip 6. Support up to 200 Accessories
4.3-inch Capacitive Touch Screen--HD High Resolution
The home security panel adopts a 4.3-inch IPS touch capacitive screen, with better color, larger viewing angle and better visual experience. The 800*480px high-resolution screen reduces pixel graininess and makes the display clearer.
Anti-Fingerprint Screen
The oleophobic coating is added to the surface of the screen, which is not easy to leave fingerprints and is more convenient to clean. The finger touch is also smoother, and there will be no obstruction or poor operation, which improves the tactile experience.
12mm Ultra-thin Body
The security panel adopts a 12mm ultra-thin body, with a minimalist design. It is small in size and does not take up space. It can be placed in your home like a work of art.
New Xsense UI 2.0
Support rendering fonts, window animations & pop-ups & other advanced UI special effects
Support OTA Online Upgrade
We will continue to release feature updates and stability upgrades, and you can get free updates via OTA online upgrades when necessary.
Note: Most similar products do not have OTA online upgrade capabilities, and can only repurchase new products to obtain upgrades.
600MHZ High-Speed Smart Chip
This security panel uses 600MHZ High-Speed Smart Chip. The operating speed of this security panel is 12 times that of other similar alarm hosts (50MHZ). So the running speed is faster and smoother.
Support 200 Accessories
The security panel can add 200 accessories and all zones can be renamed and customized. You can set it on APP, and it will be updated on the security panel at once.
Built-in 10 Languages
English / Nederlands / Spanish / Russian / French / Polish / German / Italian / Portuguese / Chinese
Whole-Home Coverage
You can choose the matching accessories you need according to your home scene. The security panel and accessories can protect your home safety in all directions 24 hours a day.
Real-time Monitoring & Instant Notification
If someone breaks into your home, the door and window sensors and motion sensors will send a signal to the security panel, and the security panel and the siren will alarm, and your mobile phone APP will receive an alarm prompt to keep you informed about the family status.
Personal Emergency Response
If the elderly or children at home are unwell, or there is an emergency at night, you can trigger an alarm through the remote control or the SOS button to notify the family.
5 Groups Preset Alarm Phone Numbers
1. The user can set five different phone numbers in the security panel.
2. When an intruder enters your home, the security panel will automatically call these five phone numbers. At the same time, it also automatically send text messages to these five phone numbers.
Support Alexa and Google Assistant
Tuya Smart & Smart Life APP
Compatible with all 433MHz accessories, and also the products on Tuya platform, you can customize products according to your home scenes.
Low Battery Alarm Reminder Function
When the battery of these accessories (such as the door sensor, infrared detector) is low, the security panel will sound an alarm to remind users to replace the battery.
Packing & Delivery
- To better ensure the safety of your goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services will be provided.
Company Profile
- Shenzhen XingAniot Technology Co,.Ltd is established in July 2020, dedicated to provide the advanced products and solution of IoT smart hardware, covering the area of Smart Home, Hotel, Community, Building etc. The founding team is made up of R&D guru with comprehensive experience of embedded software and hardware, senior designer on product and solution design, senior manager who has built leading company and successfully went public, the team has abundant industrial resource and relevant operation experience.

- Staniot is persist in independent research and development, to provide light wight product. In 2021 the main product line is consumer smart security appliances, followed with IoT products focusing various application scenarios: Smart Home appliances, various remote control sensors etc.

- Staniot is people oriented, with young and modern management, provide equal and mutual profitable system, to achieve long-term development of the company.
Our Advantages
Major Market
- 1. Please contact our after-sales service for any failure caused by the product itself during the warranty period.

- 2. The product is guaranteed by one year from the date of sale and the warranty service is only valid under normal use.

- 3. There is no warranty if the product damaging is caused by the use environment not meeting the requirements of this product.

- 4. There is no warranty if the product damaging is caused by man-made or force majeure.
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